Running Wild

Lions run at 50 miles per hour, Cheaters run at 94 mph, there are millions of malaria-carrying mosquitoes, the most deadly animals in Kenya, Elephants are stronger than 100 men. The temperature in Kenya in June is likely to be 80 degrees. I can only run at 7 miles per hour. (Don’t worry mum……(at least not too much))

On the 8th June 2018, I fly out to Kenya as a solo traveller to join maybe 50 other guys and girls, 25 of us are taking part in a “wild” marathon in the heart of Kenya, taking in open country and townships alike.

I like a challenge! Chatting with a couple of fundraising managers, there is a real issue with compassion fatigue, and everyone knows someone, who has run a marathon these days, people need to do more outlandish things to catch people’s attention. Me, I am just looking for a PB! The thought of being chased by a lion might: A: Make me run faster, B: Make a most excellent Instagram post or C: put me out of my misery!

Everyone taking part in the challenge is paying their own way, so all the money raised does go to fund the work of the charity.

It’s going to be exciting, it’s going to be challenging and it will change the lives of a handful of children for the better and will last a lifetime!

I am running to raise money for Compassion, a remarkable charity that changes lives of children. Find out more.

Poverty is a thief. It robs children of the right to grow up strong and healthy. It steals their time to play and denies them the chance to sit in a classroom and learn and prevents them accessing health care.

But you can change this. Sponsor a child with Compassion and bring them hope and a future!

I am looking for 15 more people to sponsor a child; I know its a huge ask! £25 per month is a lot of money, but its also less than 1 and a bit coffee’s per week at Starbucks, and as much as we all love a coffee, this £25 will allow a child to go to school, access healthcare and vocational training, giving them a sense of community. If you have children or grandchildren the exchange of letters between you and your sponsored child will be worth every penny of the sponsorship, to teach your little person that people are precious, and that our bad days are often better than millions of less fortunate people’s best days, we always have food to eat, a roof over our head, and someone to love us!

Please, just take a moment, before you say no, this is your chance to change the world; for at least one person and their family. Find a friend and share the cost, find four friends, and you will never even notice it.

I am looking for some heroes, to give something out of their plenty to someone who has absolutely nothing!

I am going to enjoy Kenya; I am going to enjoy the journey, I am going to enjoy getting fitter! I am not an athlete; I am not even a runner, I’m just a lazy fat lad that always got picked last! Just let me prick your conscience into helping someone less fortunate than you……….Let’s change the world, one person at a time!

To sponsor a child please follow this link

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